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Digitalization to Speed Up Customs Processes at the Irish Sea Border

Digitalization is key in an increasingly faster world

Brexit typed

Brexit Deal Still Uncertain

The latest news on the Brexit negotiations

Artikel Frankrijk 17-09-2020

Customs Support France is Opening a Calais Office in Preparation for Brexit

Getting ready for a big increase in customs documents

Mangos in kist

Incoterms Explained: Cost and Freight (CFR)

Learn more about what Cost and Freight (CFR) means for Seller and Buyer

Cargo Moving Through Ports - Behind the Scenes

Cargo Moving Through Ports: Behind the Scenes

Proud of our people. Proud of our new corporate video.

EU wants veto on UK laws. UK plans to overrule withdrawal agreement

Brexit: About a Veto on British Laws and the UK Overriding the Withdrawal Agreement

Negotiations harder due to steps both parties are taking

Maasvlakte 2 Maersk Line

The Port of Rotterdam Presents 5 Steps to Get Your Cargo Through Dutch Ports

Let your cargo flow through Dutch ports with minimal delays

Blue Cheese

Trade Deals Around the World: September Edition

A round-up of the latest news on Trade Deals from across the world

Workshop Douane + Brexit Expediteurs

Workshop Customs + Brexit for Shippers

The Customs + Brexit workshop has been specially developed for employees of international trade companies who carry out customs related activities on a daily basis.