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Four Years Since Brexit: Where Are We Now?

The Brexit decision was taken four years ago, but still there is no trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom. What is the current status?

Wooden pallets

European contingency measure wooden packaging expires on 30 June 2020

The European contingency measure for wooden packaging material expires by 30 June 2020

We Are Customs Support

We proudly present: Customs Support

We are proud to announce our rebranding of all group companies to Customs Support.


Meet the Customs Support Leadership Team

This edition of the series is #WeAreCustomsSupport is about a special group, the Customs Support leadership team.

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Customs Support - Take the load off your mind!

Our service portfolio is broad. We create customs documents for example, we take gas measurements of inbound containers, we facilitate digital processes to ensure optimal...

Safety program

The EU Customs Pre-Arrival Security and Safety Program: ICS2

Key to the overhaul is a new information system called ICS-2. EU Customs wants to facilitate the free flow of legitimate trade across external borders through improved...

Database registration

REX System Transition Period Ends June 30th

For most countries, 30 June will be the end of the transition period of the REX System. The EUR.1 and Form A will then no longer be used there.

Brexit flags

UK Logistics Firms Want to Change Post-Brexit Customs Procedures [Updated]

A great deal is still unknown about the procedures that will soon apply at the borders with the United Kingdom. The British FTA is worried and wants simple procedures.

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Incoterms Explained: Free on Board (FOB)

Free on Board is one of the oldest Incoterms. It dates back to when goods were carried by sailing ships and it was one of the terms when the Incoterms were first released...