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What is a freeport?

A freeport is an area that benefits from suspended or preferential trading rules on certain commodities. This allows your goods to be imported for manufacturing without the need to pay full duty or VAT.

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The EU has taken action to support customs reform in several areas. These include IT transformation, joining the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure, implementing an Authorised Economic Operator Program and bringing Ukrainian customs legislation in line with the customs rules and regulations in the European Union. Digitalisation and open communication between companies and customs and tax authorities are at the heart of these reforms.

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Terneuzen lies in Zeeland in the southwest of the Netherlands and is part of the North Sea Port. The Terneuzen canal, which runs from Terneuzen to Gent, is an important shipping route. Ships need to go through locks in Terneuzen to enter the canal. To increase the capacity of the locks and to allow larger vessels to enter the canal, the new lock is under construction.

Terneuzen Canal

Simplified Customs Procedures 

Many national Customs Authorities have implemented simplified procedures for shipments of humanitarian goods to Ukraine and surrounding countries like Poland, Moldova, etc. 

A few examples of Customs Authorities that have released statements on simplified procedures: 

The United Kingdom

Ukraine Flag

Russia-bound Containers Stopped by Dutch Customs in Rotterdam 

This past weekend Dutch Customs has blocked all containers that were Russia-bound because of the sanctions the European Union implemented against Russia. The Dutch Customs Authority will start clearing containers and release them as soon as they have determined there are no sanctioned goods in the shipment.


The EU has announced sanctions against Russia: 

The EU will prohibit the sale, supply, transfer or export to Russia of specific goods and technologies in oil refining, and will introduce restrictions on the provision of related services. 


The Goods Vehicle Movement Service is a customs system of the British Customs Authority designed to speed up clearances of vehicles arriving from the EU by allowing pre-lodgement of the manifest. When goods are shipped from China, there is ample time to process documents and clear shipments. The ferry from the European Union reaches the United Kingdom in two hours, which means trucks could end up waiting for clearance, creating delays and blockage at the port.


About a year ago we added GOC Rotterdam to the Customs Support family. Until recently they operated under the GOC name, but now that they have successfully integrated they will continue as Customs Support Safety as of January 1st, 2022.


We are on the brink of another critical moment in the Brexit timeline. As of January 1st 2022, the British Government will take the following steps in their phased approach to border control and trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom.


Customs Support, the #1 neutral and digital partner for customs declarations in Europe, announces the acquisition of Bell Transport & Logistics Ltd (Bell) and Clearing Customs UK. This acquisition marks Customs Support’s expansion to Ireland as one further step of its ambition to become the leading customs partner for clients across Europe.