Meet the Customs Support Leadership Team


In our series #WeAreCustomsSupport, you will meet the people behind Customs Support. We value our colleagues and the work they do for our customers. In this series, we interview the people that are always ready to assist you and help you import and export your goods without worries. This edition of the series is about a special group, the Customs Support leadership team.

I recently spoke with three of our four board members. 

Welcome gentlemen, thank you for your time. Who are you?

Patrick Steenkist, I am Chief Operating Officer. Together with four regional directors, I am responsible for all locations in the Netherlands. I am also involved in several projects, like rebranding, customer satisfaction, and work processes. I take part in the leadership team with Bardo, Paul and Frank.”

Bardo Schutz, I am Chief Information Officer. I’m responsible for innovation and information technology. Together with my team, I make sure Customs Support is at the forefront when it comes to the digitization of work processes. Our organization keeps growing, which means that we are constantly integrating new systems, and training new people.”

“And I am Frank Weermeijer, Chief Executive Officer. I’m responsible for the whole group of great companies that form the Customs Support family.”

What is your biggest challenge?

Patrick: “Customs Support has grown a lot in the last couple of years and we have added many great companies to ours. They each had their own culture and identity. The merging of those different cultures is a great challenge. Part of that culture and identity remains, but everybody is now part of the Customs Support culture. We are stronger together.”

Bardo: “That is also my challenge. New companies have new systems. Some of those become part of our digital service offering and others are replaced with systems we already have in place at Customs Support. My challenge is optimizing a large number of processes, supported by data and technology.”

Frank: “We are becoming the leader in the European customs market. My biggest challenge is setting out a clear course, with steps that are manageable for everybody. Finding a balance between plotting a course and managing the steps that get us there.”

What part of your job do you really love?

Bardo: “I like the variety and there are so many great challenges to take on in our organization. Processes can be simpler, faster, more automated. Every day is different.”

Patrick: “I don’t have a customs background, so I am learning a lot every day. Not just from a content point of view, but also on a personal level. The dedication and involvement I see in all my colleagues make me proud to be a part of this.”

Frank: “I agree with that. Working with people that are passionate about their job gives me so much energy. As a CEO I see all aspects of the business, and I love that variety. I also like getting things done and our focus is to grow Customs Support.”

What do you bring to our organization?

Patrick: “I bring the experience I have from other markets. I worked for KPMG and several tech companies like WeTransfer and Wemarket. That knowledge and experience are very useful now. I’m good at building teams and improving processes. Building the future of Customs Support with the teams.”

Bardo: “My motto is Technology + Creativity = Innovation. Together with my colleagues, I work on implementations that make it easier for our people to use data and technology. We want to make all processes as efficient as possible for our customers, our stakeholders and our colleagues. That is what I am good at.”

Frank: “From my past experience I know what it takes to steer a company in the right direction and to take the many decisions one has to take to achieve that. I also love to coach my colleagues and try to make an impact by sharing my knowledge.”   

And what do you do when you are not working?

Bardo: “Barbecuing! I love doing that, as much as possible. I’m also into sports: field hockey and soccer. I also like to go for a run. Love it.”

Frank: “I agree with that. I love running too. Cycling as well. I also enjoy yachting and skiing, but what I like most is relaxing in the sun in my hammock.”

Patrick: “A lot of my free time is spent on sports as well. I’ve been competing in badminton ever since I was a child. Next to playing tennis, working out and taking walks in the Kennemerduinen area, I love a good glass of wine and good food. I like the good things in life.”

What makes working at Customs Support so much fun?

Frank: “As a company, we are ambitious when it comes to growing. We grow through acquisitions and through the continuous development of our digital portfolio. This makes every day a challenging one. Add Brexit and COVID-19 to the mix and your playing at a championship level. These are special times and those challenges making it exciting.”

Bardo: “I agree. Our growth is international and it is the characteristics of an international organization that makes things interesting. We are already active in Belgium, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, and of course the Netherlands.”

Patrick: “What I like the most about our company is the direct lines of communication. We have grown at a rapid pace, but still many people know each other and we know how to reach each other. There is room for anyone’s opinion, everybody can contribute, and there is always room for improvement. There is room to give your opinion, to think along and there is always room to improve. We are decisive and agile as an organization and I like that."

Paul van Gool (CFO) could not be present.