Who are you?

Hi!! I’m Róisín Cussen, the Operations Manager of CSG in Waterford, which is in the southeast of Ireland, and where I live with my husband and 2 teenage kids.

My background is in marketing and event management, which I worked in for 20 years before COVID19 influenced the industry. I was fortunate to get a position at Bell Transport and Logistics, which is now CSG Ireland, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been able to utilise all my people management and marketing skills here, and no 2 days are the same. It’s very fulfilling.

Róisín Cussen

But how much does the Port of Waterford contribute to Irish supply chains? Find out in this article.

The Port of Waterford

The Port of Waterford manages significant volumes of cargo every year, including:

  • More than 50,000 TEUs (twenty-foot-equivalent units).
  • Over 1,660,000 tonnes of bulk products.
  • More than 142,000 tonnes of break-bulk products.

(Figures are for 2021)

Spotlight on Waterford

Following a demand for a solution from the Northern Irish Government, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed a solution: the Northern Ireland Bill. This is a piece of UK legislation that is intended to alter the Northern Ireland Protocol and support businesses on both sides of the border.

Although Boris Johnson insists that the bill is needed to address serious issues that the NI Protocol has created, it has been met with fierce opposition from the EU and members of the UK parliament.

Northern Ireland

Who are you?

My name is John Dawson, and I am 57 years of age. I live in the southeast of Ireland near the fishing village of Dunmore East in County Waterford, with my wife and three children. I’m celebrating 40 years in the customs business next year. In 1983 I started working as a customs declarant at a container shipping company and the customs business grabbed me from the start!

John Dawson stood in front of a Irish Flag