Digital Customs Connections

Digital Customs Connections

Customs Support invests in IT solutions and innovations to help customers achieve their digitalisation goals. We offer:

Timely and accurate customs services through digital innovation
Efficiency by the digitalisation of the customs process
Experts to support you in your customs digitalisation journey

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Jeffrey Havelaar
Jeffrey Havelaar
Operations Manager Consultancy

Our Digital Customs Solutions

Businesses today, can process a variety of message types or protocols, make calculations, and add a pre-defined logic to a dataset. Of course, also all relative security measures are in place. This should also account for your customs processes.  

Our digital customs consultants are the ‘bridge’ between your customs & logistics operations and IT departments. They translate the needs and requirements from the warehouse to the IT-helpdesk, propose end-to-end customs software solutions, and provide additional possibilities to drive efficiencies such as reporting and dashboarding insights. 

We believe in a stronger, faster, and more efficient logistical chain by using all available customs technologies. 

The key benefits in digitalised customs procedures are speed, reliability, and cost reduction. 

  • A multiplicity of datasets requires seconds to be processed by computers instead of human beings 
  • Not only one-way traffic of messaging is possible, but also return messages can be sent to multiple parties in the blink of an eye
  • By digitising administrative tasks, your business can thrive without the inconveniences inevitably resulting from human errors 
  • Your employees can fully focus on what they do best, and your business thrives while using proven automated processes     
Cost Reduction
  • Reducing throughput time on processing data results into efficiencies. These can be translated into cost reductions or a focus on alternative cost-reduction/revenue generating options
  • Reduction of errors reduces the risk of fines and costly delays

Digital customs | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can Customs Support help my company go digital with customs?

Entering the digital world of customs handling, we consult and support you operationally in setting up a digital interfacing with customs software to have a transparent and efficient customs operation. First we perform a quick scan, based on the results, together we will guide you through the implementation process and define the ideal situation.

Customs Support offers several ways to start working digitally and exchange data with us. Our solutions can deal with all the normal interface protocols available in the market and we communicate in all common languages likes, JSON, XML and CSV. We take your data as the input and convert it to what we need, making things as easy as possible for you.

What are the benefits of operating with digital customs?

Digital connectivity reduces tremendously your manual effort for entering data, prevents errors and provides full visibility on the status of your customs data. We save time and money for our customers and for ourselves, enabling all stakeholders to spend more time on activities that actually add value. Digitising customs processes also enables us to give our customers better insights in the flow of their goods and the status of their shipments.