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It also implements the gradual reduction of duty rates for products covered by the "Declaration on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products" agreement, also known as the ITA agreement. The relevant part of the agreement, which specifies the reductions to be implemented by 2023, can be found on the World Trade Organization's website. The CN codes introduced throughout 2022 can also be found on the European Union's EUR-Lex website.

#WeAreCustomsSupport What is the Combined Nomenclature (CN) and why is it essential?

In this article, we will cover the 5 key areas that a great customs consultancy service will provide.

1: Deep customs expertise

A good customs consultant will be able to give you an overview, but a great customs consultant will have in-depth knowledge of customs clearance and compliance – as well as any particulars that are relevant to your industry and trade lane.

Checkpoints for Consultancy

A lot has happened in the past year that has made it clear that supply chains are fragile. Sometimes it seemed like a flock of black swans landed. In 2020 China, the factory of the world, came to a grinding halt, the impact of which could be felt all through 2021.

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When Parts Become a Bicycle

Dutch Customs is currently putting an increased focus on imported bike parts. These checks are all after the import has taken place, hence their name: Controle na import (CNI, check after import). The parts are imported under HS Code HTS Code:

8714 .. .. Parts And Accessories For Motorcycles, Bicycles And Other Cycles, Including Parts And Accessories For Delivery Tricycles And Invalid Carriages

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If we become your customs broker, there are several legal obligations we have to obey. One of these obligations is a thorough screening of our clients. With that screening, we make sure our clients are compliant with all rules and regulations. The law requires us to check a list of up to 40 items to make sure we know every relevant detail about you and your business. For example, we review your business credit score at Dunn & Bradstreet.

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When the number of cross-Channel shipments picked up again, the Customs systems in the United Kingdom couldn’t handle the workload and the systems in France were cracking at the seams.

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The world has gone digital and logistics is going digital as well. An increasing number of companies are stepping up investments in digital solutions. Customs Support has always closely followed the technological developments and digitization of customs processes. We have the systems and software in place to communicate digitally and seamlessly with the Customs Authorities.

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What are Incoterms?

Incoterms stands for International Commercial Terms. The terms are published by The International Chamber of Commerce.

What are incoterms - how we categorize customs

The regulations were implemented by the European Commission to protect the metal industry in Europe against price drops after a strong rise in imports of metal products combined with a strong decrease in the export of metal products.

Regulations Not Extended

Surveillance documents are no longer needed for these products, as these regulations were not extended.

This includes the following regulations:

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/670 (iron- and steel products)

aluminum tubes/ cylinders stacked one on top of another

The coronavirus is spreading. The center of the epidemic is still Wuhan, China, but patients with the virus have since been discovered in Japan, Germany, France, Australia. The New York Times has reported that cases in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and Vietnam involved patients that have not visited China.

What is Covid19?

The World Health Organization states the following: