Can you give us an overview of what interim strategic custom support is?  

Interim strategic customs support is the process of improving a company’s efficiency and reducing their risk, getting them from where they are now to a more optimal position. We start with a quick scan, where we assess the blueprint of the company structure, their processes, where their risks are, and what we need to do to improve that profile. 

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Can you give us an overview of what interim operational customs support is?

Interim operational customs support is where we work inside your operation.

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What is Origin? 

Essentially there are two types of origin. There’s the origin determined by where the goods were in free circulation and the origin where the goods were manufactured. For example, a car manufactured in Japan has been imported to Germany and sold by a German car dealer to a customer in the Netherlands. While the Dutch customer could say he bought a German car, the car was still manufactured in Japan. From a customs point of view, the country where it was manufactured can change if the product is processed (changed) before it is sold.

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There can be different reasons for companies not to have specialists on the payroll that can keep track of all things customs related. Today’s overheated labour market can be one. Customs specialists are hard to find. Another reason can be a temporary rise in the workload due to unforeseen demand or a project for which specific customs knowledge is needed. Or maybe your business is venturing into new territories outside the European Union, creating the need for specialised customs knowledge. 

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Periodically Review Your Customs Operations  

To ensure that processes move along with the market, it is a good idea to regularly carry out a quick self-assessment or have an external expert do a Quick Scan. Our consultants are always up to speed on the latest customs rules and regulations and specialise in analysing and auditing customs operations. After examining your operations, they create a report with clear recommendations for improvement to solve any issues and increase the efficiency of your operations. 

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In this article, we will cover the 5 key areas that a great customs consultancy service will provide.

1: Deep customs expertise

A good customs consultant will be able to give you an overview, but a great customs consultant will have in-depth knowledge of customs clearance and compliance – as well as any particulars that are relevant to your industry and trade lane.

Checkpoints for Consultancy

When they find irregularities or do not agree with certain classifications, you need to update your classification or file an objection against the Customs Authorities’ findings. When you use the wrong classification, the result can be that you pay too much or that you don’t pay enough import duties, this can affect your business. Read on, or contact one of our consultants to check you are risk-free in your Goods Classification today. 

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AEO holders in the Netherlands are more likely to be allocated in green or yellow clearance lanes during the customs clearance process, whereas traders that do not have an AEO license, are more likely to be allocated the blue lane due to the increased risk of non-compliance.

As volumes of cargo shipments continue to grow in The Netherlands, strictly monitoring will be required on blue lane shipments to ensure that authorities are able to protect the EU from illegal shipments.

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AEO stands for Authorised Economic Operator and is an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that your role within the international supply chain is secure and your procedures and customs controls are compliant and efficient. The EU implemented the AEO program in 2008 to ensure supply chain security and facilitate legitimate trade. It has since spread worldwide. With that kind of interest, there must be something to it.

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